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Latest Project

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So you finally decided to hire a videographer to showcase your property!  Great!  Now don't forget to follow these tips to get the most out of your Real Estate Video!
  • EXPLAIN THE GAME PLAN - Let the videographer know any special call outs ahead of time.  If there's something you want highlighted, or not seen at all, tell them.  If there's anything you would like noted (New floors, appliances, over-sized lots, etc.) let the videographer know so they can not only make sure they are included in the video, but also called out with text overlays if you have them in the package. Usually, you'll have a form to fill out as part of the contract, and any basic information about the property such as Lot size, Square footage, new or updated fixtures, or anything of interest should be noted.
  • PLAN ENOUGH TIME - Real Estate Videographers will take between one and two hours depending on the size of the property, and if there are aerial shots to complete their work. Each room has different lighting and features, so the videographer will set their white balance, focus, etc. and get several shots of the room before moving on. In addition, there are filters to attach (especially outside shots), and drones and other gear that needs to be put away properly when done shooting.  Giving the videographer time to do it allows for a smooth shoot.  The only thing that will come from a rush job, is bad video.
  • CLEAR THE HOME - If possible, ask the owners to step away for a few hours so the videographer can do smooth sweeps of the rooms without having to stop and relocate people to another section of the home, or worse yet, start panning, only to have a group of people suddenly appear in the shot.
  • CONSIDER EARLY EVENING SHOTS - To get the most out of your video, consider an evening session.  While evening sessions typically cost more, they'll usually give you an extra hour of shooting.  Interior and exterior light will be softer, plus, if the home has large windows, shooting in to lighted rooms  from outside makes for great video, and of course, Arizona offers amazing colors during sunset.
  • MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS STAGED PROPERLY - You'll want to make sure the house is ready to show off before bringing the videographer over.  In addition, you can take small steps that will help take the video to the next level.  Some of these you know, while some, you may not...
    • The home should be clean and free of clutter. (Dishes in the sink , shoes lined up near the doors, etc. are the most overlooked). 
    • Beds/Counters/Dressers/Tables - Dust free and clear of clutter
    • Open all blinds and curtains to get the most natural light -  Note, if you have uneven blinds in your windows, they will show in the video.
    • Turn on all lights - This helps brighten the room and allows for better video
    • Turn on all TV's (mute audio) - Note, make sure the channels are on something that everyone can view. 
    • Turn on all fireplaces (outside and inside). 
    • If the home has new or upgraded shower heads or faucets, turn them on while the videographer is there.
    • Patio furniture in it's place.
    • Pool - Remove vacuum hose.  Feel free to add a float or two to show off the size of the pool and add some color.
    • Garage Doors - Shut
    • Front of house - Clear of any parking if possible. 
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